Mr. Pancake is a small business company, developed and supported by the CRS (Competence-Result Strategy) Consulting Office, USA. It has been a successful participant of the CRS project since 2015.

CRS program combines knowledge and training in small business and entrepreneurship area, and work. The employees of Mr. Pancake are not just working, they learn how to start and run their own business, participate in a career program, study small business management. The main principle of CRS project developed company is the principle of openness and transparency. All the employees should understand the processes of business, they actively participate in business development, are able to control their personal rates and results including salaries, awards, test scores, and other achievements.


First of all, they are young people who dream to run and develop their own businesses. They are people who are ready to invest their strengths and mind into personal professional development.

The next category of the employees is those who want to try themselves in such a direction as a small business. They have their own imagination about it, perhaps stereotypes, and it is useful for them to experience what small business really is.

The third category of Mr. Pancake employees is very hard-working young people who don’t dream about business career, but love to work in gastronomy field. They are able to be highly responsible while doing their tasks and job in common.


  • Do you have education in any gastronomy area?
  • Do you have any significant experience in gastronomy?
  • Is your German and English fluent?

If you didn’t answer «yes» all three times, you still have a chance to join the business family. Such candidates have a possibility to start with the training period and prove during the training time that their motivation to work and desire be useful to the company are really high.

Mr. Pancake follows the rotation system approach. It means all the employees have to be able to work at 10 stations:

  1. Pancake station (you will learn how to cook 200 portions of high-quality pancakes per day with necessary speed).
  2. Grill station (you will learn how to cook on the grill with necessary speed and accuracy).
  3. Decorating station (you will learn how to decorate 200 portions of pancakes per day with necessary speed and accuracy).
  4. Dishes station (you will learn how to clean and prepare the dishes for the next day).
  5. Cleaning station (you will learn how to clean all zones of the restaurant).
  6. Guest zone and sales (you will learn how to greet guests, offer the menu, and sell).
  7. Cashing register station (you will learn how to work at the cash register, provide financial transactions and reports)
  8. Coffee station (you will learn how to cook 200 portions of high-quality hot drinks per day with necessary speed and accuracy, and serve cold drinks)
  9. Batter station (you will learn how to cook high-quality batter with necessary speed and accuracy).
  10. Storage (you will learn how to organize and control the storage, stock, order the goods, and save resources).

You will also develop your soft skills: high speed, sense of time, accuracy, the high concentration of attention, good memory, multitasking , controlling, planning & time management, responsibility, physical endurance, communication, stress resistance, friendly and helpful behaviour, passion to learn, accountability, loyalty, and teamwork.


After the training period, you will have a theoretical test and will be evaluated by your colleagues, instructors, and managers.

After the training period, you are able to apply for a job and CRS Award program. The positions you can take are: a kitchen officer or a guest zone officer.


In 3 or 6 months of your work as an employee, you can apply for management training. During your management training you will learn how to operate the whole business: 10 departments and 3 offices (such as Operational Management, Logistics, HR and PR, Accounting, Training, Strategic Financial Development, Innovations, and others). You will also learn how to operate the processes and staff members.


The salary of a full-time employee can be from 1.555 to 2.100 EUR. It depends on your results and quality of your work. Then your salary will grow according to your achievements, growing competences, and practical results.

– Young motivated people
– Who can work fast and accurate
– Fluent in German and English
– Focused on the results
– Ready to learn new things and have passion for the career growth
– Able to be flexible with working hours and weekend day/s

– Salary and bonus
– Medical insurance
– Professional training for those who are not educated in gastronomy
– Personal instructor who helps to achieve top results
– Accommodation for non-residents
– Personal career plan according to personal results


polac       Helen Polak

“I started working at Mr. Pancake in June 2016. My German level was B1, and I didn’t have any education in Gastronomy and any work experience in this field. According to these factors, I was offered to start with a training period (Practicum) and be sure I was interested in this kind of job and have all the necessary skills for the position of kitchen officer.

Mr. Pancake offers training period from 176 to 480 hours, depending on motivation, skills, ability to learn. I worked very hard and was able to train my skills for minimum hours (176). Because of my great learning results, I also got scholarship 450 EUR for my training period.

Now I could apply for a job at Mr. Pancake. According to the fact I had had no any education and experience in gastronomy, I was really happy to get a position after only one month of training.

After I got a position I was really interested in my financial opportunities. My income should consist of my salary (Brutto) and the Award if I would do my job great. The kitchen had to provide 110 -120 pancake portions per day with necessary speed and the customers should be satisfied with food quality and waiting time. That was my responsibility.

In July I worked the whole month, 5 days per week and 8 hours per day. I could earn 1.556 EUR salary and 386 EUR of the Award. Totally 1942 EUR. That was a really great result for the beginning of my career in Germany.”

this          Romeo Loperdez

“I started my career as a pancake maker in Amsterdam and in November 2015 moved to Munich. As I was skilled enough I was ordered to write a test to prove my theoretical knowledge (recipe, techniques of cooking, so on…). I did it successfully and was accepted as a pancake maker at Mr. Pancake. Working here was a bit different because in Amsterdam we had much more customers and I had to cook 200 – 250 portions per day. In Mr. Pancake, there were about 100 and about 170 portions on Saturdays and Sundays. Much easier.

The first month I earned 1722 EUR and the second 1814 EUR. I was pretty satisfied because it was more than I used to earn in Amsterdam.

When I applied I was told that everyone has a chance to grow up. My instructor designed a unique career plan for me. I had to learn how to operate all the positions, communicate with new employees, and train them. It was pretty challengeable because I had never trained anyone before. In 3 month when I did it successfully I started to earn plus 400 EUR to my salary. In March 2016 I could earn 2388 EUR.”


Most gastronomy companies in Germany require the availability of education and experience in gastronomy to work in this area. We also prefer candidates with education and experience in our field. However, if a candidate doesn’t have any special education in gastronomy and has lack of experience of work in a pancake/breakfast house we offer a special training (Praktikum). During the training, a candidate acquires all the necessary skills and competences to work in Mr. Pancake successfully. The duration of the training is individual. During the training period, a candidate learns how to work on all 10 stations and is able to apply to work and the Award program.

Candidates who are fluent in German and English, have education and experience in gastronomy field and familiar with the work in a pancake house can apply for a job without training. They have to pass a theoretical test and achieve the minimum score 4,0.

This pyramid is an example how your personal career plan can look like. The sums of your income depend on the goals you set to yourself.

Копия new project plan

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